Welcome to the database of the Puli breed!


This is the official catalogue of the Puli breed in Russia - Puli-portal. The database is the property of the National Club of the Puli breed (Russian Puli Club (RPC): http://puliclub.ru. The RPC funds the platform and determines its goals and principles.

We are creating this database to systematise information about our breed (FCI #55) in Russia, it will allow owners and breeders to input information directly. The primary goal of the platform is the convenience of breed lovers and breeders. The catalogue only contains information about Puli registered in the RKF, FCI or one of the FCI countries, AKC (USA), KC (UK) and CKC (Canada). We are aiming to create a foundation for the study of Puli population by breeders and judges; to collect statistical data about the dogs; and to increase the general awareness about our breed.

We would be grateful for any additional information you can provide about your own dogs that can be added to the database. We will also be happy to add information provided by Puli owners worldwide.

In the database you can find:

  • pedigrees, photos, the dog’s titles/achievements, information about their health, etc.;
  • data about kennels and their owners;
  • exhibition results;

You can also use the convenient tool of the database in order to create pedigrees for future puppies, calculate the inbreeding possibility, find mating partners, study the descendants of a particular dog and much more.

In order to be able to independently enter and update information about your dogs into the database, you must register.Please contact the administrators of the database about this. The contacts are located in the Feedback section.

Puli-portal is a pre-moderated database, every new entry will appear in the public domain after verification by the administrators. This is necessary to eliminate duplicates of existing puli and deliberately false entries to get into the database.

After you add a puli, the entry will be in the “Awaiting confirmation” section, before it is approved by the administrators, please be aware of this, and do not add the same dog multiple times. The Puli should be displayed in the database within 2-3 days of your entry.

We count on the active involvement of all owners and breeders of Puli dogs in filling out the electronic database. We hope that our database will be constantly updated and expanded.

Before adding a puli to the catalogue, please read the FAQ.


Should you have any questions related to the work of the database, registration of new users, etc., please contact the database administration via nkp.puli@yandex.ru to Irina Murdavlyatova and Maria Krylova. Please set the subject of the email to «Puli database».


Special thanks to the creator of the program Yuri Semenov.

Many thanks to Tatiana Sadykova, Natalia Evstropova, Natalia Shirokova, Ekaterina Petrovskaya, Svetlana Sabayeva, Olga Reminna, Victoria Zayd, Pavel Muzychenko, Natalia Fedorova, Elena Timaeva, Natalia Orlova, Svetlana Bondar, Antonina Melnikova, Irina Chumakova, Elena Melnikova, Anna Mokeeva, Elena Sitko, Mikhail Myasnikov, Nadezhda Pichugina, Marina Timofeeva, Lyudmila Lomatchenko, Igor Murdavlyatov, Alexey Chekanov, Maria Krylova and Irina Murdavlyatova.

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